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JackHammers on Discourse

November 2, 2006

One should not bring a knife to a gunfight, unless of course the other gun is unloaded. Nor should one bring a JackHammer to a debate. Unless, of course, one would debate a concrete slab.

We’ve had our new JackHammers for two months now. The JackHammers are still pretty, shiny and new. We like their feel in our hands. We almost like the noise. And the vibrations. The vibes make our hands tingle.

Three times a week, we try out the JackHammer. We take it to the rock pile. We make a little noise. The neighbors peek out their windows. We grin, and rev up the motor. We pull down our eye protection. We make a little dust. We get some on our clothes. But the JackHammer stays clean. We have a dust-free city, like one of those Kinkyade kalendars. We like Thomas.

Maybe this will be the month. Maybe this month, the tap-tap-tapping will end, the dust will fly, and we’ll bust up some concrete. Maybe. Or, maybe not. You’ve been waiting to see. Will you be disappointed? Hang on kids, and we’ll find out.

I am JackHammer. Hear me pound.

This month: discourse. Kent wants to defend himself. He’s a warm, fuzzy bald-guy, with a Centurion-like tuft on the front of his head. He doesn’t mean any harm. Really, he doesn’t. You guys at Sharper Iron should get over it. He likes sharp knives. Dave gets all philosophical and stuff. Something about salt and pepper, killing flies with mallets, flying sparks. Jeff has nothing to say about saying. No discourse on discourse. Especially no whining. He’ll stick to typing.

So, put on your safety goggles and stay tuned for another month with the Hammers, where the pounding never gets old, only the pounders do.

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  1. November 2, 2006 at 8:59 pm
  2. November 2, 2006 at 9:41 pm

    It is about time you pound some sand!

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