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Second Edition of Thou Shalt Keep Them Has Arrived!

December 7, 2007

Thou Shalt Keep Them

We just received box after box of our second addition of Thou Shalt Keep Them:  A Biblical Theology of the Perfect Preservation of Scripture (TSKT).  This book takes many of the passages that teach the preservation of Scripture and exposes them word by word to flesh out what the Bible says about this historic doctrine.  TSKT is written by seven different pastors and also shows what Scripture says about its own availability and how it was preserved.

There is no other book like this.  It would be great to have as a reference or to read one chapter at a time in your leisure.  Through the Bible your confidence will grow in the Word of God.  You will be better prepared to defend your position presuppositionally or you may just be wondering what the Bible does say about its own preservation.  TSKT will give it to you.  This is a landmark work that could turn into a classic, since there is nothing else of its kind.   The best defense of the doctrine of Scripture is what God Himself says about His Word.

Because we printed so many copies on this run, we can offer it to you for $14 per copy.  $12 for 2.  And $10 for 3 or more.  If you write me, we can offer you a bookstore rate as well for your church.  We sold out of the first run in less than a year.  This is a new, revised edition that makes thirty pages worth of changes to make the first edition even better.  This is a copy that you want to have.

You can order it at our website.  Or you can order it from me at betbapt@flash.net.   We will charge just what it costs us for shipping and handling in addition to the cost of the book.  Folks, if we want independent Baptists to write, then we need to buy their books and encourage others to buy them.  We can do this with confidence if we know that it is well done.  Here are 315 pages of text with a massive bibliography, a tremendous glossary at the front of the book, and a Scripture and topical index.  It is a very practical book.  Order now!!!

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