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Putting the X in Xmas

December 17, 2007

When I was taking Bible classes for a master of arts degree, there were certain classes that required a lot of note-taking. One of my teachers was especially helpful by telling us some shorthand or symbols that could be used so that we would not have to use as much ink in our notes. I distinctly remember two of them: ‘θ’ and ‘χ.’ The first one is the Greek letter ‘theta;’ which is the first letter in the Greek word for God – Theos. The second one is the Greek letter ‘chi.’ When you read the name of Christ in Greek it looks like this: χριστος. So the theological shorthand for Christ was the ‘chi’ – X.

The ‘X’ may be there because the world doesn’t like to think of Christ at Christmas, but even while they try, they can’t remove Him. The ‘X,’ like no other single letter in the alphabet, represents Christ. And so whenever you see the word Xmas you’ll know that Christ rules over this holiday even when the world thinks it has removed Him.

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