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Newsy News for 2008

January 4, 2008

Having used up all the daylight in 2007, we now face three hundred sixty-six sunlight sections for the upcoming year. And we’re wondering what to do with this wealth of brilliance.

We’ve hammered some topics to pieces. Other topics we left with significant scarring. We’ll come back to those later. We have so much to hammer, we don’t know where to begin. Or what to do with all this dust.

We took our Union-style lunch break, a Union-style coffee break, and a Union-style bathroom break. We’re pulling on the gloves, pulling down the eye protection, and strapping on the hard hats. We’ve dusted off our boots, flicked asphalt chunks off our coveralls, and emptied the concrete gravel out of our shirt pocket. We’re about ready to rev up the ol’ Hammer once again.

Even more systematically, we’ve a variety of topics on our worksheet for this year. We might need a little candlepower. Potholes need attention. We’ll be laying pipe under the highway. We’ve got a plan for all of this. And at least three months of flex. We’ll mix in some practical/helpful topics. They chip easier. Of course, we’ll hit the doctrinal topics, and when we need some overtime, we’ll chunk away at some political and cultural issues. But we’ll try to avoid the donkeys. They’re a bloody mess.

Much thanks to you, our faithful readers, for hitting us so obsessively. With your help, we are fast approaching the two hundred thousand mark. And the good news is, at February’s end you’ll have one extra midnight to spend staring at our posts. Happy New Year!

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