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JackHammers on a Mission

January 6, 2008

We love missions. We love missionaries. We are missionaries. And we have missions. We’ll be on a mission this month, as we address the issues surrounding Christian missions. To deputate or not to deputate, that is the question. Is the modern system of deputation really a good example of local church missions? Is mission board accountability superior to local church accountability? Does our missions model measure up to the New Testament model? Can we really claim to have local church missions when our missionaries are supported by fifty different churches, representing fifty different varieties of missions philosophy? Do pastors read missionary letters? Do they think about what their missionaries are doing? All one hundred fifty of them? Do they pray for them? Do they know the names of their kids?

Jack Hammer’s on a mission to address these issues. Jake Hammer, on the other hand, wants to abolish the system and start over. That’s why we keep him locked in the cellar. Kent wants to philosophize. We can’t help ourselves. Practical or not. He’ll tackle some mission boards. Maybe he’ll even name names. Jeff will professorize. In a very practical way. Dave’s got hold of the apple cart. He wants to tip it. He wonders why we put perfectly good apples in such a rotten basket.

Try not to step on any apples. We have enough for cider already.

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