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Cultured and Refined

February 29, 2008

Without all the snobbery

Hammered dulcimer.


Leaves and stones unturned

Creepy crawlies undisturbed

Disturbing to us.


JackHammer culture

Culturally old-fashioned

Following Scripture.


Foundation building

Ultimate authority



Foundations laid

Fastened to the Solid Rock

With extra rebar.


Practical speaking

Foundations without houses

So impractical.


Adam is alive

Living on the adamah

Doing lots of things.


Paideia of God

Living life to the fullest

Without the lemons.


Salt unsavory

Headlamps hidden in helmets

Cities of the plain.


Some savory salts

Finding ways to salt the earth

Especially slugs.


The pillars and posts

Artistically are adorned

Truth, goodness, beauty.

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