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The Obama Vote

October 1, 2008

I want to make it easier for everyone to understand how people are polling for the upcoming vote.  You may already know, but I want to blend it so you can drink it through a straw.  Please don’t tell me the problems of McCain here.  I’m aware.  I’m sure that the Constitution Party and the American Independent Party take a stronger position than he.  We’re talking about the two who can win.  Here goes.

Obama Gets the Women’s Vote, not the Men’s

Right now the Gallup poll breaks it down like this:

Obama Women—52%    Obama Men—39%

McCain Women—44%   McCain Men—49%

If only the men voted, McCain wins a landslide.  They say McCain’s got a woman problem. Obama’s got a bigger man problem.   I’m sure you know that Obama also gets the metrosexual and sodomite vote—the limp wrist faction—by a large margin.  Some have commented on “women rule over them” (Isaiah 3:12).  Well, this is how women rule in this country.  Remember 1 Timothy 2:14?  “Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”  Women have a more natural disposition to be deceived.  God designed them to have male headship.  Elections give us a living example why.

Obama Gets the Kiddies’ Vote, not the Adults’

The Gallup Poll indicates this right now:

Obama 18-29 year olds—59%   McCain 18-29 year olds—33%

Obama 30-49 year olds—48%   McCain 30-49 year olds—46%

Obama 50-64 year olds—48%   McCain 50-64 year olds—46%

Obama 65 and above year olds—43%   McCain 65 and above year olds—47%

We’ve got to be glad for modern medicine keeping people alive much longer.  Plus, people are having less kids, so there are less and less in the kiddie categories.  It doesn’t help solvency of social security, but it comes in handy for this election.  The older people are more likely to vote too.  That 18-29 category has the lowest percentage of turn-out.   Obama is doing his best to get the idiot vote in Colorado.  This is “democracy at its best.”

This statistic reminds me of when President Clinton was running for president.  He had several town-meeting type gatherings where he sat on a wooden stool in the middle of children, asking them what they thought he should do.  The first half of Isaiah 3:12 reads:  “children are their oppressors.”  If it isn’t the women, then it will be the children.  Who wins if you raise the voting age to 21 again and then abolish women’s suffrage?  Just wondering out loud.

Obama Gets the Atheist’s Vote, not the Church-Going’s

We can see from the Gallup Poll:

Obama Weekly Church Attenders—28%   McCain Weekly Church Attenders—66%

Obama Semi-Monthly Church Attenders—37%   McCain Semi-Monthly Church Attenders—56%

Obama Non-Church Attenders—52%   McCain Non-Church Attenders—40%

Obama has the hard fought pagan vote.  Vote evil, vote Obama.  Don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m just looking at what we have here.  If you look at education, Obama and McCain essentially tie in every category until post-graduate education.  There Obama destroys McCain by nearly twenty percentage points.  The further you get along in state education, the more secular you become.  Either that or Christians are so unwelcome in state postgraduate education, that they don’t even try.  The more you get God in your life, the less you like Obama.  Why does that happen?

Obama Gets the Unmarrieds’ Vote, Not the Marrieds’

Gallup registers this:

Obama Unmarrieds—58%   Obama Marrieds—41%

McCain Unmarrieds—34%   McCain Marrieds—52%

Obama gets the “shack-up” vote.  People with a commitment to each other, to stay together, among many other important qualities of marriage, they don’t vote for Obama.  They vote for McCain.  Obama gets the self-centered vote.  Obama gets the “me” vote.


When you put it altogether, the consummate voter for Obama is an atheistic, unmarried, young woman.  That’s his perfect demographic.

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  1. October 5, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Spurgeon stated my view best with “The choice between 2 evil, is still evil”.

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