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The ObamaNation (of desolation)

October 26, 2008

The polls say Obama will be our next President.  We can discuss how accurate and/or reliable the polls are.  Ann Coulter has an outstanding article on polls, demonstrating that they are reliably skewed in the Democratic candidate’s favor.  In one sense, the polls are unreliable.  But in another sense altogether, the polls are entirely reliable.  They are reliably unreliable.  And they are reliably skewed in favor of the Democratic candidate.

But we should also note that, although the numbers have always been inflated for the Democratic candidate, these same polls have also accurately picked the winner.  Clinton had a 12-15 point lead in his first election.  He didn’t win by 12-15 points, but he did win.  Clinton had a 9 point lead in his second election.  He didn’t win by 9 points, but he did win.  In fact, in each of  the examples that Coulter gives, the polls picked the winner.  Their assessment of the spread was off, but their winner won.

Last Sunday, according to Zogby, Obama had a slight lead (about 2 points) over McCain.  This week, that lead moved to as high as 12 points.  If you have been following Zogby’s daily tracking, you might have noticed that Obama’s lead seems to be very volatile.  Coulter’s explanation could be correct.  But still, Obama holds the lead.

So, like it or not, we are likely to be saying “President Obama” for the next four years.  The ObamaNation will have its day, as it appears now.

Discouraging?  May I remind you that, in the sovereignty of God, we could get the President we want, and that could be the worst thing that ever happened to us.  Or, we could get the President we fear, and that could be the best thing that ever happened to us.

That might be hard to imagine, so let me demonstrate.  The first proposal for an income tax came during the administration of James Madison.  The first time an income tax was imposed was during the administration of Abraham Lincoln.  And Teddy Roosevelt was the first president to openly propose both an income tax and an inheritance tax.  You can read an interesting history here.

Republicans gave us the Patriot Act.  Republicans founded the Department of Homeland Security.  A Republican administration (a pretty conservative one, too, as I recall), nominated Sandra Day O’Conner to the Supreme Court.  Another Republican nominated John Paul Stevens.  Another Republican nominated David Souter.  During Republican administrations, America has not moved closer to repentance or revival.  Churches have grown more worldly and apathetic in the last eight years.  As has already been pointed out, no Messiah will be forthcoming out of Presidential Politics.

The fact is, if we “win” this election, we will likely breath a collective “Shew-w-w! that was close!” We will likely wipe our collective foreheads, dry the sweat off our collective hands, and continue on in our collective complacency, in our collective apathy, in our collective lukewarmness, and in our collective slide towards Gommorah.  Just like the last 8 years.

If, on the other hand, we wind up losing this election, that could be the best thing that has happened to us in some time.  Will we get more serious?  Will we pray for our nation, more earnestly?  Will we repent and seek the Lord for a revival?

I have to think so.

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  1. October 28, 2008 at 12:13 am

    Indeed…..though i hope for a Hezekiah, someitmes a Saul is what we get.

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