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Introducing the JackHammers

December 1, 2008

Now that we’ve been around for a couple of years, we thought you might like to know who we are.  To quote those now immortal words of Dennis Green, “we are who we thought we were.”

No really, we are.  But you don’t know that for sure.  Or at least, you might wonder sometimes.  So here’s what we’re gonna do.  We’re gonna tell you all about us.  We want you to know who those strange guys are with the keyboards, the guys who put words and stuff up on JackHammer.

Besides, it’s December.  December means Christmastime.  Warm hearts.  Mushyness.  Warm feelings.  Chestnuts roasting.  Mistletoe.

We want to be nice, for once.  One whole month.  We think we can do it, too.  Our mothers told us that if you can’t say anything nice, talk about yourself.  So, we’re gonna do that.  Here’s how it will go…

  • Jeff on Jeff
  • Kent on Kent
  • Dave on Dave
  • Jack Hammer on Jack Hammer

Then, for a little re-mix…

  • Jeff on Kent
  • Kent on Dave
  • Dave on Jeff

And, for a little of the spice of life (also known as “variety”)

  • Jeff on Dave
  • Kent on Jeff
  • Dave on Kent

Should be interesting, we think.  But then, we might be biased.  Maybe we should say that it should be interesting in a self-absorbed kind of way.  Interesting in the way that celebrity TV is interesting.  Interesting in the way that watching a dog chase its own tale is interesting.  Interesting in a sort of watching people in the mirror way.  Which, we all know, is very interesting, especially if they are making faces.  Or popping zits.

Anyway, we’ll keep the comment threads open, in order to provide you with more than adequate opportunity for out loud laughter.

P. S. Are there four weeks in December, too?  Then we better get us a fourth week’s worth… Here it is:

  • Jeff on Jack Hammer
  • Kent on JackHammer
  • Dave on Jack Hammer

Stay tuned!

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  1. Don Johnson
    December 2, 2008 at 12:59 am

    Sounds like we are in for a bout of navel gazing.

    Just clean out the lint!

    Don Johnson
    Jer 33.3

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