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Do We Really Want Revival?

May 1, 2009

We really don’t want revival.

That is, if it looks anything like we’ve seen in the recent past.  We could do without any more of that, thank you.  We’ve had enough already!  In fact, we would say that we’re all Revivaled Out when it comes to that stuff.  Revivalism (the profane worship of revival) has had a good run, but its time to hang up the cleats, really.  Revivalism did miles and miles on the treadmill.  We are no doubt impressed with the ground covered on that rubber track.  We notice that the tread has run thin, and the wheels are about worn out.  And that is why we urge Revivalism to unlace the running shoes.  You run much… too much, really.  But you cover little ground.

Do we need revival?  Well, that is an entirely different question.  Yes, we really need revival.  We just don’t need any more of what we’ve been having.  Sorta like the drunk who gets the swine flu.  His doctor tells him that he needs medicine, and gives him a prescription.  But the drunk only has a few bucks left, and so he just goes and gets himself a bottle of booze.  After all, who needs medicine. Besides, the booze makes him feel better.  We might need revival.  But we surely don’t want it.  After all, it can be pretty bitter.

Which reminds me.  What’s the big deal with the swine flu, anyhow?  Congress has had it for decades now.  Why didn’t anyone make a big deal about it until we passed it down to Mexico?

Revival, or revivalism.  All month, right here at JackHammer.

Givin’ y’all the medicine thet ya be needin’!

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