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We’ve Got Connections!

September 10, 2009

Yes, we do.  We’ve got inner connectors too.  You know, like sinews and stuff.  We’ve got our tendons stretched and our ligaments relaxed.  Our joints and marrow are holding up fine, thank you.  We’re all connected, and we’re staying connected.

We’ve got other connections too.

Its not what you know, its who.

We’ve got connections just like you.

And that is so true.  Thank you.

We see similarities where others don’t want to.  We see comparisons that others ignore.  Get out your special connector glasses, and you might see them too.  Invisible lines that are quite visible.  Invisible ties that bind and gag.  Conspiracy 101.  Black helicopters circling people.  Watching crop circles.  Drives you nuts.  Drives us nuts too.  But we’ll tell you what we’re seeing from the Eye in the Sky.  Watch closely now, the similarities are only obvious when you pay attention.  And we’ve been paying Attention — payday is bi-monthly.

What do Hylots have in common with BoJo’s?  What do Sharpie’s have in common with Hylots?  How about EV’s?  We think there is an answer.  You might not agree.  We’ll give it a shot.  All month in September.

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  1. September 10, 2009 at 5:52 pm

    Will you discuss some of your commonalities and differences ?

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