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Obama = Scary for Israel

October 29, 2008 2 comments

Had you heard?  Obama has an Arab sounding name.  Had you heard that his middle name is “Hussein”?  Let’s see.  I’m trying to think of who else has that same name, except his last name.  Does it matter?  Not really, but it would at least have me checking out his background and who he supports.  What if McCain’s middle name was “Adolf” or “Hitler”?  John Hitler McCain.   No one should check to see if he has any Nazi associations.   Um.  No.  Like that would happen.  He couldn’t win a national election.  He wouldn’t even be running.  No way he could last.  Or how about John Wilkes McCain?  But Hussein?  You’re racist, a bigot, if you even think about that mattering?  Oh really?  Since when do the thought police, who strap on the first amendment, get to stop me from considering that with their own clever bit of reverse racism.

But with Obama, not only does he have that Middle Eastern sounding name, but he’s got the major background to boot.  Not only does he have the checkered past, but he also lies about it now in a way that ought to be sending up back-pack explosions all over the place.  There is no way this guy in a hundred years should be able to get a sniff of the presidency and, yet, he might just win it next week.  He’s definitely the favorite.   It’s so bad, it almost looks providential, as if God is using this occasion to judge our nation by turning us over to our own lusts.  It’s something like Israel picking Saul to be their king because he’s a head taller than everyone else.  This pins the stupidity needle like I haven’t seen in my lifetime.

I’m observing this from the standpoint of a dispensational, premillennial approach to Israel.  We believe that the Abrahamic and Davidic covenant are still in play.  We support Israel.  Period.  I don’t care if Israel votes for their own nightmare with a kind of blindness and self-destructive ignorance that borders on insanity.  We still have the highest hopes for her and our literal approach to Scripture in part guides us in this vote.  I wish Israel could get it too.  I wish Jews in the U.S. could figure it out.  Some do.  I sort of get their history.  They have pendulum swung the liberal direction ever since the fascists of the late and early twentieth century.  They connect dots from Augustine to Martin Luther to Hitler to the Republican Party.  They see the right as being frighteningly Christian.  They way have the wrong interpretation of what’s happening.  I wish they’d wake up and smell the matzo bon.  Think Obama Fox–Israel Chicken Coop.

Our future is wrapped up in Israel too, but “no, let’s go ahead and stand right on top of the spot where the earth opens up.”  Hint:  the future is not with the Palestinian Liberation Organization.  Hint:  the Jewish hating nations who support Obama aren’t hopeful of a bright American future.  But Obama doesn’t have Achmadinejad as one of his advisors.  Oh well, everything must be OK.  Shewww!  I’m going to give these in just the bullet points.  Strike that.  The backpack points.  And, Colin Powell, who is calling Obama a Muslim?  I don’t hear anything like that coming from the McCain campaign.  Whatever respect I had for Colin Powell just floated down the Euphrates.  He’s bitter over how he was treated by the Bush administration.  The incredible shrinking former Secretary of State.  But I digress.  Back to Obama and his scariness to Israel.

There is too much here to simply dismiss it as fearmongering.  It’s not like it took any kind of real heavy lifting to put this together.  I don’t think Obama is a Muslim.  Let that be known.  Also, I don’t think it matters.  Jeremiah Wright isn’t a Muslim either.  I don’t think that matters either.  What I do say is that this above list should be scary for Israel, and for America too.