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  1. phil
    January 23, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    Christology: his humanity, his diety, his sinlessness,

  2. pazzzin_thru
    May 2, 2009 at 1:28 pm

    I appreciate the interesting subjects here on jackhammer and I wanted to make a sugestion for a topic of debate and discussion in light of the american culture.. this seems to be the biggest if not , one of the biggest problems in this country , and unfortunately american churches are full of it . it also seems preachers neglect this subject , or pass over it lightly. ..I would appreciate a strong biblical view on this subject. thanks , Pazz

    “covetousness” , which is idolatry” -Colossians 3:5

  3. web bailey
    November 28, 2009 at 8:24 pm

    My name is Web bailey, I’m a member of Court ST. Baptist church of Port Huron MI, I’m also a jail house preacher under the authority of the same church. My Pastor is Matt McPhillips. I wrote this article recently and was trolling around on your website and seen the comments link as well as your ideas for future blogs, and thought you might like to use it as a spring board for one of your soon to be posts. Please read this and email me as to what you think, ( and be as critical as you wish). I gave the article to my Pastor as well as Evangelist Ted Alexander (Evangelist ted who is a prominent KJB and Baptist history conference speaker, he is a member of Dr. James Bellar’s church in St. Louis MO.

    Take care and thanks for the double inspiration article.

    Should a real Baptist use a false Bible.

    What is the purpose of another article or essay on “which Bible is the right Bible”, mainly because the relentless attack from those that do not believe we actually have God’s preserved Word in our hands today, and can never really know for sure if we can, since “we don’t have the originals” ( by the way if we need the originals to be sure of what is preserved or not, then how can we be sure that there ever was a doctrine of preservation to begin with, or for that matter any other Biblical doctrine that we hold to). And secondly the battle is important and must be won because of weaker brethren that are continually falling away from the faith and led into a weak enimic “faith” with no real convictions to guide their life by.

    This article will be a bit different in that not only should all baptists use the King James Bible (KJB), but in order to be a true Baptist you can use no other.

    In Matthew 16:18 we read ” And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Now, as is quite clear this passage is dealing with our Lord Jesus building (Not starting) His church.

    What is this “my church” he is mentioning here. For starters lets reflect on what he didn’t say. He did not say I will build several “branches of my church” or I will build “my church” and then alow men to determine their own doctrine and create their own styles of church goverment but still be considered part of my body i.e. the church, he said palinly I will build my church, one type, one institution that will be ruled by my doctrines and not the “doctrines of men” (col.2:22).

    Now as any sincere person that wants to “rightly divide the Word of truth” can see, there are several things laid out in scripture which teach us what a true church is.

    Some of these are, Baptisim, and it should not be necessary to go into depth over the term baptize since it has only one meanig IMMERSION, sprinkling and pouring can no more mean baptize than red can mean yellow.

    Then there’s church discipline, the Lord’s supper and preaching the gospel to the lost otherwise known as soulwinning. A church can’t be a church without assembling together hence th meaning of the word, this blows the universal, invisible, mystical church theory out of the water ( or at least does for those that believe their Bible).

    Also we learn that the Word of God teaches only two offices Pastor and Deacon. And as well many other specifics are given to Christs’ church such as seperation from false teachers and more which will not be dealt with in this essay, ( for a good study on everything that constitutes a true church get the book by DR. Thomas Strouse “I will build my church”).

    Having dealt with some of the teachings that show what a church is as well as what it is not we will now briefly deal with which group of christians that assemble together lines up with these scriptual principles on what constitutes a true Biblical church.

    For this we can see only one group that has from the time of Christ till present that holds to these truths, the Baptists, and by this I mean real baptists, those that are proud to wear the name that Christ gave to the first baptist John the baptist. There are many who USE the name baptist but that is as far as they go, they may dunk people in water but they surely don’t practice seperation from false teachers they may partake of the Lord’s supper but do not try and reach the lost with the gospel.

    And as is the purpose of this essay they surley don’t use the right Bible or if they do they don’t seperate from those who do not, again disreguarding the doctrine of seperation.

    Again the greater purpose of this essay is not Baptist history in full as important as that is, but to simply point out that if you know anything at all about true church history which is baptist history ,(they are one and the same, we need to cease using the term church history when dealing with all these harlot children that came from the great Whore, the catholic cult which spawned these offshoots known as the protestants), then you know that the true church has been preserved as promised in the text verse through one body of believers, known by many different names, either given them to slander them, or taken by them to show what doctrines they held to such as may be the case of the, Paulicians.

    So we see that first Christ promised to build His church and that it would never be defeated or prevailed against by the gates of hell. And, although at times scattred abroad, and hidden in the moutians it has never ceased to exist since the Lord assembled and established His church in Matthew Chapter 4. Knowing this we can see that the Baptist and the Baptist alone can only be the true church since they have no human founder as do the protestant organizations i.e. Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Henry VIII, and Knox which all came from the whore the catholic cult which never was a true new testament church.

    Now what does all this mean when dealing with the issue of which Bible to use and even more so what does it have to do with the baptist posistion of who is the true church promised by Christ. Simply this, if Christ promised to preserve His church which He did, and this church is showed to exsist in the local, independent ,autonomous , immersed, seperated assemblies known as Baptist today, but by many names throughout history, then He must have a purpose for the preservation of His church which scripture says is the case.

    The purposes are many of which I will deal with one known as the great commision, the command in Matthew 28:19-20 which is ” Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

    First we need to establish who the Lord is talking to here, the first disciples, those of whom made up the first born again called out as well as called to assemble together, baptized ,evangelizing group of people otherwise known as His church, today known as the baptist.

    So Christ has his church and has now given them their marching orders which are to first go, then teach, then baptize next and then teach again ALL things which He commanded them. Now we will deal with the teaching command. Christ commanded them to teach all things that He commanded them and this they did. A study of the book of acts proves this, but notice the last statement made by Christ ” and lo, I am with you alway, even to the end of the world.”

    Now how did He do this how did he stay with the disciples to the end of the world since the disciples are all dead and it is clearly not the end of the world. Just who could He have been talking to? It seems quite clear that according to the meaning of the word church (“assembly”) and the promise of matt 16:18 i.e. church perpetuity, that not only was He talking to His first church, but that the promise was for all true churches down through the ages.

    Now, with the fact established of what constitutes a true new testament church, as well as who today demonstrates the characteristics of a true church, the baptists, and the perpetuity and the marching orders of the church, we will deal with just how this relates to the purpose of this article, true baptists and their Bible, ( it should be pointed out that I’m only dealing with the Word of God in english the KJB, not with other languages, as long as these translations use the same manuscripts as the KJB, as well as the same extensive translation procedures they are the Word of God in their language).

    The Lord has promised to preserve his word, Psalms 12:6-7, this he did in two ways. In the old testament he did this through the jews as romans 3:2 states, now having set the children of Israel aside till the future, he now is using the church to reach the lost world with his word.

    A study of the history of the preservation of scripture will lead one to discover that there are basicaly to lines of manuscripts, the Antiochian and the Alexandrian. These manuscripts when traced to their origin reveals the truth about which is the pure Word of God and which is not.

    The Antiochian were the manuscripts originally penned by the apostles and copied by believers as the local church movement spread across the world.

    The Alexandrian were those manuscripts that fell into the hands of hereitics such as Oregin and others. When these men got their hands on copies of the pure word of God they doctored them to fit the corrupt teachings that they as well as others were teaching. This Alexandrian text was the text that empreor Constantine had the heretic Eusibeus make 50 copies of. Constantine as we know led the way to what is known today as the Catholic “church”, which uses these corrupt manuscripts. ANd it should be pointed out that historians on both sides of this manuscript issue such as Dean Burgeon, and Wescott and Hort (the heretic cultists), believe that the manuscripts Aleph and B, which are the two main manuscripts used in the translation of ALL modern translations since 1881, are two of the 50 copies penned by Eusibeus at the behest of Constantine.

    So it seems clear that when we study the scripture and the doctrine of preservation of the Word of God, and who he used to preserve those words first the old testament by the jews and the new testament by the true church. And when the study of true church history and it’s perpetuity is examined and believed, it becomes quite clear that God didnot use a false church to preserve corrupt manuscripts, but preserved His pure Word throughout history in born again, local, independent, immersed, assemblies known as His church, known today by the name Baptist.

    Therefore no real Baptist would use a corrupt Bible, which uses corrupt manuscripts, copied by corrupt heretics, from a corrupt church known as catholic the very same church that is responsible for the slaughter of millions of our baptist forefathers.

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